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Aldershot Parking Study


Project Objective


TSP were appointed to investigate the parking issues within Aldershot town centre and suggest improvements to increase the efficiency of the parking operation, demand for additional spaces and financial implications of modifying the parking.

Services Provided:

  • Traffic surveys and analysis
  • Parking strategies and management
  • Waiting restrictions and Parking studies
  • Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ)
  • CAD & Surveying


The project was undertaken as part of the Borough Councils review of on and off-street parking within the town centre. Aldershot town centre had been struggling financially and the Borough Council wanted to consider options which could promote the vitality of the town centre and surrounding residential areas.

Project Description:

The services provided as part of this project included:

  • Survey of existing waiting restrictions and on-site features required to be known in order to design waiting restrictions and signing.
  • Parking volume and duration surveys on a neutral weekday and Saturday to identify demand and problem areas.
  • Identification of problem areas and options for increased uptake of parking and financial vitality.
  • Identification of residential parking problems and options for improvement.
  • Design of revised or new waiting restrictions to reduce inconsiderate parking and unsafe parking, such as on junctions, bends or double yellow lines.
  • Presentation of findings to Client and local Members.


  • An accurate snapshot of the current parking situation to gain a detailed picture of the state of parking within and around the town centre.
  • Parked car congestion within the town centre significantly reduced.
  • Dangerous parking reduced, areas where illegal parking takes place identified.
  • Potential areas and options for improvement identified to increase the vitality of the town centre.


Rushmoor Borough Council



Project completed:


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