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Bexleyheath - Mixed Development, Albion Road, Bexleyheath


Project Objective


The Client proposed a mixed use development including a Premier Inn hotel on the site of the old NCP car park in Albion Road, Bexleyheath.

Services provided:

  • A Parking Research Study
  • A Travel Plan
  • A Flood Risk Assessment
  • A Noise Assessment
  • A Servicing and Waste Management Strategy


Skillcrown Homes Limited proposed demolition and redevelopment of the NCP Car Park at Albion Road, Bexleyheath providing a 109 bedroom Hotel, 43 residential flats, 3 retail/commercial units and a car park within a new basement for 71 cars.


In support of the Planning Application we carried out:

A Parking Research Study covering the Bexleyheath area which determined that the parking provision is sustainable in terms of providing sufficient parking for the needs of the development and town centre users

A Travel Plan, designed to effectively manage the transport needs of the residents, staff and visitors for both the residential and commercial elements of the site. The TP detailed all the alternative modes of transport available. The TP was designed to encourage residents, staff and visitors to use cars more efficiently by providing incentives to use alternative modes of transport.

A Flood Risk Assessment. The proposed residential use would fall under the “More Vulnerable” definition in the NPPF ‘Flood Risk Vulnerability Classification’, defined as appropriate development in Flood Zone 1. Research confirmed that there were no historical records of flooding on the site. In addition that the proposed development is appropriate and sustainable in the terms as set out in NPPF and PPS25 and that there were no detrimental effects on the wider area.

A noise assessment in accordance with BS 8233: 1991 and the ”Department of the Environment publication PPG24 “Planning and Noise”2 for the residential aspects

The Servicing and Waste Management strategy considered the requirements of each of the types of development; hotel, residential and the commercial units. The strategy also produced Autotrack assessments for each vehicles type expected to access the site.


Bexleyheath, London Borough of Bexley

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