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Chalkers Lane, Hurstpierpoint
Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex , Chalkers Lane, Hurstpierpoint

Project Objective


To provide technical support to the Client’s Planning Application and to resolve challenging local environment issues regarding flooding and poor access.

Services provided:

Flood Risk Assessment, Transportation Assessment, Engineering for planning conditions, Highway drainage, surface water and foul water drainage scheme


The Client proposed a substantial housing development of 40 units on a green field site in Hurstpierpoint. The site suffered from a poor existing access, poor drainage and localised flooding.

Project Description:

To deal with the problems presented by this challenging site, to the satisfaction of local Planning Authorities, TSP carried out the following:

  • A detailed Transportation Assessment to establish the impact of the additional traffic on the local highway network
  • An improved highway access to the public highway together with the design of the internal road network
  • A Flood Risk Assessment together with mitigation measures to resolve potential flooding events
  • a Drainage Strategy to deal with the surface water and foul water sewage from the development


  • Village Developments PLC


Chalkers Lane, Hurstpierpoint

Project completed:


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