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Harewood Road, Croydon

Harewood Road, Croydon

Project Objective


To support the Planning Application for a housing development of apartments and houses with the highway design of new access road, and traffic, transportation and car parking analysis.

Services provided:

  • Transport statement
  • Travel plan
  • Associated Highway design
  • Service Management Plan
  • Construction Logistics Plan


The development proposed the construction of four terraced houses, and the conversion and extension of an existing dwelling into five apartments on the land to the rear of Harewood Road, South Croydon.

A new highway access would be required that would safely allow vehicle and pedestrian movements within the constraints of the site.


The proposed highway access accommodated two-way vehicle flows, before narrowing further into the site. A turning area was designed that allowed service vehicles to turn around on-site and enter/exit the site in a forward gear.

The Transport Statement (TA) demonstrated that the proposed development could be accommodated without detriment to vehicular flows and road/pedestrian safety on the surrounding highway network.

In addition, the TA confirmed that the site was in a sustainable location, close to local buses, railway services and shopping facilities. Car & cycle parking was able to be provided in accordance with London Borough of Croydon Council’s standards.

The Travel Plan strategy aimed to reduce car usage, in particular the number of single occupancy vehicles travelling to the site by residents and visitors.

A Travel Plan pack would be provided to new residents with information that encouraged the use of public transport and promoted walking, cycling and car sharing as an alternative. A Travel Plan coordinator would be appointed after the site was completed, to monitor and review the uptake of the strategy.

The Service Management Plan (SMP) considered the impact of service vehicles travelling to and from the completed site. By considering the likely number, size and type of vehicles combined with Autotrack vehicle swept path modelling, the SMP ensured that the vehicles may manoeuvre as safely and efficiently as possible.

The Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) aimed to reduce congestion, emissions and the impact on local residents and businesses during the construction process. The CLP considered a range of techniques to help minimise construction related vehicle trips (particularly in peak times), hence reducing temporary lane closures or illegal waiting/loading activities.


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Croydon Surrey

Project status:

Planning Application Approved November 2016

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