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The 'Pitt' Recommendations
in Cheltenham

Implementin The 'Pitt' Recommendations in Cheltenham - Lessons from the Floods

Project Objective


Following the heavy flooding of Summer 2007, the Government commissioned Sir Michel Pitt to undertake a comprehensive review of the lessons to be learned. The "Pitt" report was published in June 2008.

Services provided:

The Stilwell Partnership was appointed by Cheltenham Borough Council to identify how Pitt’s recommendations would apply to the town, what actions should be taken, and what resources are necessary to implement those recommendations.

Project Description:

The "Pitt" recommendations propose that the Local Authority should:

  • "take a lead on the management of local flood risk"
  • "positively tackle local problems of flooding working with all relevant parties, establishing ownership and legal responsibility"
  • "collate and map the main flood risk management and drainage assets (over and underground), including a record of their ownership and condition"

Drainage assets in the Borough are the responsibility of The Environment Agency, Severn Trent Water, Gloucestershire County Council, and private riparian owners.

In addition, advanced CAD and GIS technology has only been available since the formation of the various agencies responsible for drainage. Therefore, this was probably the first opportunity to review their records in combination and in a convenient overview format.

TSP proposed a number of measures which meet the objectives of the Pitt report covering management, technical issues and development.


Cheltenham Borough Council


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


In summer 2007, Gloucestershire experienced one of the worst emergencies the county had ever seen. Heavy rainfall at the end of June led to surface water flooding from overloaded drainage systems and caused chaos in Cheltenham town centre. On the 20th July 2007, the rainfall was even more severe as two months rain fell in 14 hours.

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