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Holmethorpe Relief Road,
Redhill, Surrey

Holmethorpe Relief Road, Redhill, Surrey

Project Objective


Major "Enabling" Residential Development, including Transportation Assessment and Offsite Highway Works, with the aim of providing a new, all-purpose access to the Holmethorpe Industrial Estate and direct access to Principal Road Network, avoiding residential areas.

Services provided:

  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Major Highway Improvements
  • Traffic Management and Road Safety Studies
  • Highway drainage, surface water & foul water drainage schemes
  • Contract documentation
  • Public Consultation and Exhibitions
  • Noise assessments


  • Large industrial estate located between two railway lines
  • Access to estate through low and narrow rail bridge
  • Narrow residential roads servicing industrial estate to west
  • Residents inconvenienced by trans-shipping using fork-lift trucks
  • Noise and environmental nuisance to residents
  • Large mineral quarry to east of industrial estate (Green Belt)

Project Description:

Nick Stilwell undertook a feasibility for Surrey County Council (as an employee) in 1983 and has had the privilege of being involved and seeing the project to completion 22 years later with the Stilwell Partnership!

  • New rail bridge with extension and widening of cul-de-sac
  • A Compulsory Purchase Order and two Planning Inquiries
  • Traffic Regulation Orders
  • Public Consultation Exhibitions
  • Relocation of Sand Processing Plant
  • CPO Accommodation Works
  • Bus and Cycle facilities, New Traffic Signals

Automatic rising bollards

The Stilwell Partnership worked closely with ATG Access Ltd on the installation of Automatic rising bollards. Visit their website for more information on their products.

Benefits of Scheme

  • Potential regeneration of Industrial Estate
  • Environmental improvements for residents
  • Affordable housing within the 500-house enabling development


  • Hepworth Minerals & Chemicals Ltd
  • Linden New Homes Ltd


Redhill, Surrey

Project completed:

July 2005

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0333 700 4001