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Woodville Woodlands:
S278 Highway Work

Woodville Woodlands: S278 Highway Work

Project Objective


Major Residential and Employment Development including Relief Road for Woodville - Transport Assessment and Offsite Highway Works.

Services provided:

  • Major Highway Improvement
  • Traffic Management and Road Safety Studies
  • Engineering for Planning Conditions
  • Strategic Route Signing
  • Highway drainage, surface water & foul water drainage schemes
  • Contract documentation
  • Project management & supervision
  • Utilities & Services
  • Public Consultation and Exhibitions
  • Noise assessments


  • A former brownfield site with pipe works and other industrial units to the south of Woodville
  • Local road network not capable of accommodating additional traffic without improvements to existing network and the provision of new highway infrastructure
  • Principle opportunity for Leicestershire and Derbyshire County Councils to achieve a Relief Road for Woodville

Project Description:

First phase of Woodville Woodlands project to provide in the region of 500 houses and 10ha (25 acres) of employment. Design of major relief road for village of Woodville. The scheme also involved 're-housing' a population of newts (at significant cost!).

Automatic rising bollards

The Stilwell Partnership worked closely with ATG Access Ltd on the installation of Automatic rising bollards. Visit their website for more information on their products.

Benefits of Scheme

  • Potential regeneration of Industrial Estate
  • Relief to Woodville High Street and the Clock roundabout.
  • Re-generation of area (former pipeworks).
  • New businesses attracted to the area.
  • Affordable housing within the 500 house development.
  • Potential for the proposed link road to be extended to by-pass Woodville completely, linking directly to Swanlincote.
  • Environmental benefits.


  • Tapton Estates
  • George Wimpey
  • Bloor Homes


Woodville, Derbyshire

Project status:

Phase 4 currently underway

Contact Us:

0333 700 4001